Big Heads
or Crazy Photo Figures

Big Heads is a complete novelty on the market. Photo Figures BigHEADS is a unique attraction on the European market.
With Photo Figures BigHEADS You will provide the participants of your event or promotional campaign with a personal souvenir. And all with your brand branding!

We'll customize silhouette designs for your event - spooky for Halloween, festive for Santa and Christmas, or maybe with super heroes or Eco themes?
BigHEADS will be tailored to any subject matter!

See our Big Heads in action!

How does Big Heads play work?

BigHEADS is a guarantee of the involvement of participants in your action or event!

Big HEADS is a modern and surprising attraction for guests. All you need to do is take one photo, make one crazy face and after a while the BigHEADS Photo statue lands in your hands. Your crazy face is printed, cut and glued on a special spring to the crazy figure!

BigHEADS can be equipped with:

Magnetic element, thanks to which you can stick Big Heads e.g. on the fridge

Stand, perfect for placing BigHEAD on a desk

The silhouettes are prepared especially for you - they will contain characters, logos and inscriptions of your choice.
Full personalization!

BigHEADS Branding Options

Big HEADS is a novelty on the market of event attractions and a marketing tool with enormous potential!

Customers are always eager to use attractions that they have not met before. That is why our goal is to introduce modern and original Photo-Attractions to our offer.
BigHEADS will be personalized to the event and brand branding. Everything so that your brand is perceived as modern and unique

Get to know our Photo-Attractions and involve the Participants of your events!

Personalized silhouettes

Style of the silhouettes, their appearance, graphic elements or the inscription at the base - everything depends only on you

Station branding

The stand where we prepare BigHEADS Photo Figures can be arranged according to your design

Technical Specifications

Access to electricity

230 V socket at a distance of up to 25 m


For efficient operation, we need a space of ~ 2x3m


Guests take a photo in seconds. Then our team prepares BigHEADS in approx. 2 minutes - guests can pick up the finished figurine at any time

Outdoor events

For electronics protection against rain and sun,
ambient temperature from 5 to 35 degrees.
The BigHeads pickup station can be set up anywhere.

Are you looking for an innovative attraction?
Do you want to attract the attention of Guests
and Customers?

It's great!
Write to us where and when you are planning an event - we will quickly prepare an offer for you