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AI Photo Booth,
your event participants will take photos generated and supported by artificial intelligence!

The AI photo booth is a photo-attraction that is entirely based on artificial intelligence models. With the AI photobooth, your event participants will be able to experience this future technology in several ways.

In the first of the fun modes, guests will be able to have the AI generate graphics that will be created in the background. They will then take a photo of themselves, and the AI will replace the background with an image generated from the words it was given.

In another of the modes, the guests' photos will be edited by the AI to create images that relate to the theme of the event.

Organizing a 'Jungle' style event? AI will add discreet plant motifs to the photos.
Organizing a Super Heroes event? Photos of Super Heroes in action will be created from Participants' photos!

Guests will get a branded print and can share the photo online.

We will be happy to adjust the operation of the Photo Booth with Artificial Intelligence to your expectations!

Write to us and find out more details!

See how fun it is with the AI Photo Booth!


 See how fun it is with the AI Photo Booth - TEXT to BACKGROUND mode!

Photobooth AI
When you type in " Paris, Sunset, Fast train"
Photobooth AI
When you type in " Mountain, autumn, sunset"
Photobooth AI
When you type in " Future city, cyberpunk"
Photobooth AI
When you type in "Jungle, waterfall"
parallax background
parallax background

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