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PhotoMosaic Online
or Photo Mosaic for Remote Events

PhotoMosaic Online is a variation of our popular Photo Mosaic tailored for online, remote or distributed events and sanitation restrictions. We have several variations of fun with PhotoMosaic Online - You can provide us with photos yourself, or we will send them to event participants. Photos can be sent to us via email, or you may prefer to use Virtual PhotoBooth? The final product may be a graphic file, animation, website or gadgets delivered to Participants. Write to us and ask for all options.

Check how an online event can look like with Virtual Photo Mosaic Online

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How does playing with Photo Mosaic Online work?

Event participants will create a unique image from their photos. And all without contact, online!

The basis of the fun of Online Photo Mosaic is your event attendees' photos and your brand branding or themed artwork.
Event organizers or participants provide us with a set of unique photos. We create an original collage, in which each of the received photos is a small element creating a surprising whole

How photos come to us to make PhotoMosaic Online:

The organizer sends us a set of photos by e-mail

Participants enjoy the Virtual Photo Booth

FotoMozaika works as a website. By clicking on any field you will be able to add a photo from your computer or phone

Sent to a personalized email e.g.

Is anything else being developed from PhotoMosaic Online?

Of course it is!
A mosaic image made from the Participants' photos is just the beginning. In the next step you receive from us a photo gallery and graphics with PhotoMosaic in high resolution. We will also prepare for you an animation with complementing the PhotoMosaic with single photos.

PhotoMosaic We can print on any material and in any format. You can create a small poster or a huge, several meters long painting.

On your request we will prepare souvenir gadgets with FotoMozaika in the main role and deliver them to the indicated addresses - pictures in frames, magnets, mugs or gadgets of your choice

PhotoMosaic Branding Options?

Photo Mosaic Online is a front-end entertainment and marketing tool designed for online events!

Virtual Photo Mosaic can be an addition to a teleconference or online event. It can also be used as a hybrid solution, where guests send us their photos remotely and we deliver personalized gadgets to their homes.

With us, online events will be even more special!

Virtual Photo Booth interface

The Virtual Photo Booth interface may have elements of your company's branding

Gadgets from Photo Mosaic

We will prepare any gadgets for you in Photo Mosaic Online graphics and your branding.
Pictures on the wall, mugs with graphics, or maybe fridge magnets? There are many possibilities!

Internet + Camera

Participants of the Online Photo Booth event only need to have access to the Internet and a camera on a phone, computer or any other device


The number of participants and photos taken is unlimited!
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Are you looking for an innovative attraction?
Do you want to attract the attention of Guests
and Customers?

It's great!
Write to us where and when you are planning an event - we will quickly prepare an offer for you