Retro Selfie Mirror, or RETRO style Mirror Booth

Retro Selfie Mirror is a unique version of the Mirror Photo Booth. At the request of our customers, who really liked our Retro photo booth , we introduced to the offer stylized the old Selfie Mirror Retro item. This photo mirror made by us will perfectly match various interiors thanks to its universal elegance.
The only such Selfie Mirror in Europe!

See how our Retro Mirror Booth look

How does fun with Retro Selfie Mirror work?

Playing with Retro Mirror is pure fun. Everything is easy and pleasant. In addition, our service will be at your disposal

Retro Selfie Mirror encourages you to take a photo, put on a crazy pose or face, counts down the time to flash - all thanks to our beautiful animations displayed on the Retro Mirror

If you've ever used a photo booth, playing with Retro Photo Mirror will be just as easy. You are not sure how it works? Our staff will explain everything!

Look how easy it is:

Select a set of photo gadgets
Touch the Retro Mirror and the device will prompt you with the pose
3 .. 2 .. 1 .. and we pose
Retro Mirror will do a few shots and then print photos
It's still time to send photos or GIFs by email!

Photo Personalization

We prepare the printout project for each event individually. We do not use the bases of ready projects - with us you can be sure that the personalization will be as you dream.
Personalization of prints can also be prepared by your graphic designer. We will send you info on how personalization should be done - you will send us a graphic for Selfie Mirror

Here you will find our sample personalizations - CLICK CLICK

Backgrounds for photos

We can prepare the background from the graphics received from you, so that it suits your event as much as possible!
Your reporting wall will also work great as a background. Just remember that the background for Retro Selfie Mirror should be as shiny as possible

In our Background Gallery you will find dozens of different photo backgrounds - CLICK CLICK

Well-known and liked fun like a photo booth combined with an elegant retro look and many personalization and branding options

- all this means that the Retro Foto Mirror Selfie Mirror will take care of every event and celebration!

Retro Mirror Branding Options, or Retro Style Photo Mirrors

Photo booth Retro-style mirror - Retro Mirror , to be an effective marketing tool must have many personalization options.
And that's how it is! With our retro photo mirror you will adapt many elements of fun to your event!

From the scenery of the Retro Magic Mirror , through the appearance of printed photos and the board standing behind the Guests, to personalized animations, individual props and dressed animators.
With Photo-Attractions, your Event will be unforgettable!

Themed props

At your request, we can prepare themed signs or bring gadgets matching the theme of the event

Mail when sharing photos

Send us the content of the message that will be received by participants from the Retro Mirror Photobooth


One team spends around 1 minute at Retro Mirror. There can even be several people in each photo

Outdoor events

For electronics you need a roof against rain and sun,
ambient temperature from 5 to 35 degrees.

Are you looking for an innovative attraction?
Do you want to attract the attention of guests
and customers?

It's great!
Write to us where and when you plan the event - we will quickly prepare an offer for you