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or 360 degrees photo booth

360 Photo booth also known as Selfie360 or SlowMotion360
it’s an original and absolute hit in Photo - Event attraction!
SlowMo360 is a platform constructed by us, with circulated gear capturing your amazing poses in SlowMotion and FastMotion modes.
Only with our equipment you get a fantastic video shooted from every angle in a funny SlowMotion & FastMotion style!

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How does Selfie360 work?

SlowMo360 records all the excitements and fun of your guests from all angles and creates amazing video in SlowMotion!
Clips can be easily shared via e-mail, AirDrop and almost instatly uploaded to any Social Media!



SlowMotion360 / Selfie360 is a round platform for posing with a rotating camera recording in a SlowMotion. Our special equipment captures amazing moments from your event which are unforgettable souvenir for it’s participants.

Created video can be shared with the event guests within a few moments and can be posted at any Social Media.

Give your guests entertainment that they haven’t seen before!

Branding options?

Selfie360 serves fantastic not only as an event-attraction but also as a marketing tool!

With Selfie 360 / SloMo360 we offer a variety of branding and advertising solutions.

Have an idea for unique Marketing? Let us know! Original Live Marketing solutions are our passion!

See what a 360 Photo Booth with branding looks like

Selfie360, Spinner
Selfie360, Spinner
Selfie360, Spinner
selfei360 360 photobooth branding

We can prepare a branded arch wall for Selfie360

Selfie360, Spinner
Selfie360, Spinner
Selfie360, Spinner
Selfie360, Spinner

Technical Specifications

Access to electricity

230 V socket within 25m


We need efficient Wi-Fi
or LTE coverage


We need a space of 3x3m or more for the
platform And 2x2m for the station sharing the recorded clips from Selfie360


Guests spend about 30 seconds on the platform
There can be up to four people in the film.

Outdoor events

Roofing against rain and sun,
ambient temperature from 5 to 35 degrees
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Are you looking for an innovative attraction?
Do you want to attract the attention of guests
and customers?

It's great!
Write to us where and when you plan the event - we will quickly prepare an offer for you