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Virtual Photo Booth
or Photo Booth for online events

Virtual Photo Booth is the Top Global Photo-Attraction trends! Virtual Photo Booth is an attraction and marketing tool designed for online events, keeping social distance and events where participants are not in one place.
Photo booth Online is the perfect solution for online, hybrid and personal events, in which, using only a web camera or a camera from any mobile device, we play a photo booth or GIF booth

Photos and GIFs are personalized for your brand and ready to be shared on Social Media in moments!

See what the fun with the Virtual Photo Booth looks like

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How does the fun with the Virtual Photo Booth Online work?

With the Photo Booth Online, the guests of the event create crazy and unique photos and GIFs with their webcams.

And everything with your brand branding!

Participants use their own smartphones or any other device from anywhere in the world. It is a browser-based platform with no application installation and no limit of participants.

Photos and GIFs from the Virtual Photo Booth can create a Photo Mosaic!

Virtual Photo Booth is a modern marketing tool with many functions focused around creative photography

Automatic background removal
Gifs with filters and animations
Branding each interface element
Photo Mosaic of captured photos
Streaming of photos and gifs to any screen, anywhere
Many more exciting possibilities! Do you have your idea? Write to us!

Original Photo Attraction at the online event?
It must be a Virtual Photo Booth!

Virtual Photo Booth Branding Options

Online Photo Booth is a modern and effective tool of Live Marketing and Online Event Marketing!

Do you want to involve the participants of a virtual event in a new kind of fun? Or maybe you can get in touch with many new potential customers? The Online Photo Booth with many personalization options will help you in this! Branding of the Virtual Photo Booth will make sure that none of the participants will have any doubts about the brand behind this interesting attraction
All GIFs and / or Photos generated in the campaign can create a gallery and digital mosaic that can be broadcast on the event screens, on the brand page or on the device itself.

With us you will organize a unique Online event!

Backgrounds for photos

The Virtual Photo Booth algorithm automatically removes the background behind the posing people. Decide what graphics Participants will be able to choose as a background

Additional Features

Do you want a Photo Mosaic with Your Logo to be created from the Participants' photos? Or maybe we will broadcast a preview of the gallery on a large screen? The options are endless!

Internet + Camera

Participants of the Online Photo Booth event only need to have access to the Internet and a camera on a phone, computer or any other device


The number of participants and photos taken is unlimited!
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Are you looking for an innovative attraction?
Do you want to attract the attention of Guests
and Customers?

It's great!
Write to us where and when you are planning an event - we will quickly prepare an offer for you