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SketchBOT, also known as PicBOT or DrawBOT -.

AI and a robotic arm will draw your portrait!

Our novelty will delight your guests!

SketchBOT is an attraction using artificial intelligence and modern technology. AI will turn your photo into a sketched portrait, and a robotic arm will draw it in the blink of an eye

Guests use our photo area, where they take a photo that we will sketch.
Algorithms process it and send it to the robots.
The robots draw the portrait in less than a minute.



PicBot draw me bot
sketching robot for event

Sketch BOTs can draw portraits of several people at the same time, so the capacity of the attraction will pleasantly surprise you.

All with your branding and live in front of your guests - a delightful attraction guaranteed!

Write to us and find out more details!



See what fun with SketchBOT PicBOT looks like!

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sketchbot tmobile
PicBot sketchbot drawme bot skizzebot
sketch droid
draw me robot
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Are you looking for an innovative attraction?
Do you want to attract the attention of your guests
and customers?

Write to us where and when you are planning an event - we will quickly prepare an offer for you