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Selfie360 Overhead,
is a unique variant of photobooth360 in which there is no limit of people on the video!

Surely you are familiar with Photo Booth 360, also known as Selfie360 or Slowmotion360. It's a very popular attraction and loved by event participants. However, sometimes it does not have enough space for enough willing people, or not everyone can safely enter the platform.

With Selfie360 Overhead there is no such problem!


Selfie 360 OVERHEAD

Photobooth360 from above provides all the functionality of the classic Selfie360 video platform. However, it is unique in having a camera mounted above the heads of Guests. Such solutions allow you to record videos with a larger number of people or to allow people who have difficulty moving to participate in the fun

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See what the Selfie360 Overhead looks like
Selfie360 from the above!

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