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Selfie360 STUDIO GREEN SCREEN is the evolution of the well-known and popular fun of PhotoBooth 360. Take rotating clips in any scene!

The combination of a popular attraction and green screen technology is sure to delight your event attendees!

Selfie360 Studio Green is a 360-degree booth inside of which is Selfie360, also known as Photo Booth360.
All of the scenery inside our Studio Green Screen is green in color, and all of it is lit by professional studio lights.

Guests record clips like the popular 360 Photo Booth. The camera rotates for several seconds, and participants posing during this time.
In a few seconds, our software puts a set animation as a background, adds branding elements, music, effects and the whole thing is ready to share!


Event participants can view the finished clips on a screen outside the booth and send them from a dedicated sharing station.

Selfie360 Studio is videos in a unique arrangement, with your branding and instantly shared. Sound like a recipe for an interesting attraction?
Well, it is!

Write to us and find out more details!

Check out the fun of Selfie360 STUDIO GREEN!

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